Dora Tass, Holographic Light Artist, Visual Artist.

Master of Arts degree in HUMANITIES, "Cultural Anthropology and Art" at La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).
Academy of Art in Rome, painting and sculpture. In 2012 I attended the “ International Symposium of Display Holography" at MIT lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a got a Residency propgram at the Holocenter in NYC. Since then I continue my studies and research with the american light artist August Muth, in his studio "The Light Foundry", Santa Fe ( New Mexico, USA). Through our light artworks I strive to record a three-dimensional topography of pure light, revealing a window into the elusive realms of the light-space-time paradox.  Luminous volumes of light became tangible inviting the viewer into a multi-dimensional experience. The physicality of earthly materials  becomes nonmaterial and nonessential as one becomes enthralled by the tactile quality of this kind of three-dimensional holographic light. I play tricks on the senses, destabilizing one’s perception: each hologram has different perspectives encrypted within it, which change based on where the viewer stands in relation to each piece. Luminous liquid volumes hypnotize  provoking visual and cognitive short-circuits.

Public Collection.

2013. MIT MUSEUM, opera "Perturbing Object". Massachusetts Institute of Technology.USA
2011. MART MUSEUM, Rovereto, opera “Hyperbook Boundary”. Italy
2007. Biblioteca Comunale San Giorgio , opera ”Libro Ambiente”. Italy.
Selected Exhibitions 

2018. MACRO Museum “Think like a Photon” Rome, Italy. "

2018. OM THE SPOT, “Think like a Photon” Rome, Italy.

2018. Aveiro City Museum,  Portugal

2018. Rosso 27 Gallery." Art is Money- Money is Art", Rome. Italy

2017. BAG Bocconi Art Gallery, Milan. Italy

2017. "Currents" New Media Festival, Santa Fe New Mexico.USA

2017- 2016. MIA Photo Fair. Milan, Italy.

2014. BONHAMS, "A Contemporary Edge" London|

  54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion /Tese delle Vergini all'Arsenale. 2011
          Chosen by Bernardo Bertolucci to present her holographic assemblage.
          video interview 54th  Venice Biennale.

Video interview:

 2012/13. MIT Museum.The Jeweled Net: Views of Contemporary Holography. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA
ISDH.International Symposium of Display Holography

2011. MART Museum ,“Poesia Visiva” La donazione Bentivoglio. Curated by Daniela Ferrari. Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto,  Italy.2011. Nopx|artbook . International contest of Artist Book. Torino
2011. Documents 06. ArtMbassy/Berlin, text by Jonathan Dronsfield. Berlin 2011|| Contact: Modì /Tass. Curated by Enrica Torelli Landini.  Palazzo Taverna, Roma.
2010."Premium Sinestesie", Aquila. Italy
2010. "One Minute Tree", curated by Elisa Resegotti, Pianamola.Italy
2010. "20 Libristi", curated by Mirella Bentivoglio, Galleria Cortese & Lisanti, Roma.
2008.  “SPQR” by Pino Casagrande eChiara Marzi, ArtMbassy, Berlin||  "Quasi Pagine", curated by Paolo Tesi, Biblioteca San Giorgio Pistoia. Italy.2006. "OutArt", curated by Eleonora Sgaravatti, Villa dei Quintili, Rome.
ARTS RESIDENCY.   2012. Center for the Holographic Arts of New York.

 BROADCAST TELEVISION: 2008. RAI TRE , ARTNEWS, Dora Tass “ The Making of “|| RAI UNO 30 min. “Tracce d’arte” Magazzini Einstein.2008.“quasi-pagine”/1641/default.aspx